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St. Andrew's Day Program is a non-denominational social day program for adults affected by stroke and other physical disabilities.  Those who have been afflicted often have to deal not only with severe physical limitations but also the devastating effects of isolation and dependence on others.  And they are not the only ones affected: the lives of their caregivers are immeasurably altered.

St. Andrew's Day Program provides a safe haven, a place of acceptance, and valuable opportunities for people to socialize and build a strong sense of community.  Most importantly, participation in St. Andrew's Day Program allows its members to regain lost self-esteem and dignity.  As one of our longtime members once proclaimed "This is the happy time of the week!"

St. Andrew's Day Program features many interesting activities. Some are developmental, such as speech therapy classes and moderate physical exercise. Others are social, including games and frequent holiday parties.  Typical activities include those below.

We have a licensed speech pathologist on-site, who works with individual members with limited speech capabilities and also leads stimulating group discussions and word games for all. 

Games, word exercises, and socialization can all improve speech.

Crafts range from challenging to very easy, and are usually related to upcoming holidays and the seasons. 

Container gardening offers a creative outlet and produces tasty vegetables for enjoyment by all. 

Snacks are provided with health in mind.

We enjoy listening to music as well as singing together and participating in drum circle.  ​

Easy adapted exercise is encouraged through soft ball tossing, balloon batting,

Wii interactive computer games, motion to music, and even dance!

Volunteers and other friends visit to share interesting travelogues and presentations on stimulating and topical subjects, mini-concerts, and dance instruction.

We celebrate with seasonal parties, including birthday celebrations ​for all members.

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