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What family members have to say

"I want to express my sincere appreciation to you and all the staff and volunteers who have helped during these past years - you were her community, you were her support group and you all were the friends she loved. So many abandoned her once she was not able to speak or communicate.  However, all of you continued to support her in her battle with the disease. You provided cheer with the 4th of July and Halloween parties, the many activities speech therapy and outings.  She felt safe and comfortable although she could not always express her apppreciation."

What our members have to say

"I have met many good friends along the way. The speech therapy program is one of my favorite parts of the day."


"When I come to St. Andrew's Day Program, I feel excited and ready to participate in all of the activities to the best of my ability.It's great to spend time with friends and have the chance to talk and listen to each other."     


 " is wonderful to be with friends, play board games and go to speech therapy.  I enjoy the individual and group therapy because I get to talk and use my speech to communicate with people like I did when I worked."

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