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how it happens


Each day members arrive to coffee, tea, juice, morning snacks, and treats as well as easy listening music in the background.  We try to provide a "coffee house" atmosphere. They have time to reconnect with each other and share stories.  Individual speech therapy sessions are held during morning hours for anyone interested.  Once a week, a craft project is offered for everyone's participation.  Board games are played by the entire group and a variety of physical activities are encouraged before lunch.  Members are requested to bring lunch, but we often provide light nutritious snacks like cheese and crackers or peanut butter sandwiches for anyone who has forgotten to bring lunch.  Group discussions, musical activities or other special features such as "show and tell" are part of the afternoon program.  Sharing appropriate jokes is also a very important feature of the program -- laughter is recognized as a healing force!

Two staff members work daily with the members.  Other volunteers and friends of the program participate on special occasions, such as Eddie Melendez of The Greenwich Ballroom who  enjoys sharing his time ​leading us in dance! 

Elisabeth Southorn, Program Director, has been with STADP since 2015 and brings her ability to administrate and love of people from years of working in non-profits.  As a musician by profession, she brings music to our program through performance & participation.

​​Sharon Witlin, Licensed Speech Pathologist has been with STADP since 2014. She brings years of experience and expertise to us.  She spends valuable time one-on-one with members and also leads the group in conversation and word games and exercises to encourage speech and socialization.


We have the will, we have the dedication, we have the expertise . . . but we can't do it alone.  Your help is crucial.  We receive no government subsidy and are funded partially by modest member daily fees but primarily by contributions from people like you.  

St. Andrews Board of Directors meets regularly to oversee and support the program by establishing general program policies, adopting an annual budget, spearheading major fundraising efforts, and other important initiatives.  Board members often visit the program and participate in special events.  Nearly all of them have a personal connection to STADP. 
Donors are valued friends and essential partners of St. Andrew's Day Program.  Donations are tax deductible as provided by law and are used to underwrite day-to-day operating costs and occasional special events. 
​Volunteers are always welcome to help with activities during regularly scheduled program hours, and to make special presentations on an occasional basis. 

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